Energy: Your Car can run on water using this device
Your house may be warmed up the same way!
Letter from BMW to the inventor
Complete text of the 1982 patent
Aluminium production
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Invented by a Mr Francois P. Cornish (UK)

Tested successfully by BMW in 1981

Patented in 1982

Inventor last seen in Canada in the summer of 1988

Why aren't we all driving cars powered by Hydrogen from this device?

Where is the inventor?

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Water reacted cleverly with aluminium, producing Hydrogen and Aluminium Oxide.
Hydrogen is collected and sprayed in a standard carburettor like with methane-gas.
A 900 kg car runs 600 km on 20 litres of water and 1 kg of aluminium.
Clean energy apart from the process of refining Bauxite into aluminium.
The only exhaust product of a hydrogen engine is water!
Why don't we see these cars yet ?
At the time (1981) only some minor difficulties existed.  These may be easily overcome. 
To develop a smooth way to get rid of the aluminium oxide powder from the bottom of the water-reservoir. 
To find an absolutely sure way to signal if oxygen remains (although the BMW-letter does not speak about this).
Don't experiment if unqualified . . . remember O² and H² is a highly dangerous combination.
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